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A few words from Mr. Knowles

Well, hello there! I’m Mr. Knowles, the friendliest of owls! I'd like to tell you a bit about us. We are one of the top brands for gaming equipment in Europe, you may know us as KLIM Technologies. After years of great success we developed our new brand specialized in kids Tiny Geeks. It is based on high quality products that can be both safe and fun.

Tired of companies not backing their products after making the sale, we set on a mission to change that. Our success has been driven by an extreme obsession for customers' satisfaction. For YOUR satisfaction. We take pride in our exceptional after-sales support so that you can always depend on us, no matter the circumstances. Millions of customers (and their children!) around the world already enjoy our products, knowing they've made the right decision. It's time for you to join them!


Tiny Geeks was born out of the need to provide our children with the tools to grow, learn and have fun. We use them everyday with our own kids, always exploring new ideas to instill healthy learning and lifestyle habits while providing great enjoyment.


We want to provide quality, durable products for you and your children, always at a fair price. We also believe in honesty and good deeds: in our small circle of impact we want to ensure that employees, customers and partners are treated well.


We are a young company, with a lot to learn. We will make mistakes but we will always make sure to own up to them and improve. If we fail, we take full responsibility, assist the customer and offer fair compensation.